Inevitable, for Popshot Magazine

Inevitable, for Popshot Magazine

Popshot Magazine sent me a poem to create an illustration for, by Nick Toczek.

To reflect the meaning of the poem, without wanting to use any visuals actually mentioned in the piece, I settled on the idea of drawing an old writing desk featuring ghost objects. This was where I wanted to imply that the poem had been written, but being taken over by new objects belonging to the grandchild of the writer.

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The poem was printed in the magazine as though it was on the blank paper. Poem below:

Inevitable, by Nick Toczek

And when my metered years have petered out
extend brief grief to these my bitter bones
this frame on which so long my shape was hung
around loud beating heart and breathing lung
when living hands have taken up the tools
to neatly notch the letters of my name
and my cold corpse has called in old and young
by gathering all those it was among
around a carapace freed now from thought
prepared and brought by no one known to me
and chosen words have flown from every tongue
till echoes fade from phrases said and sung
and then when cars have hurried comers home
and movement – slowed for me – resumes its pace
my ashes may be stored or poured and flung
but thrive, you left alive to whom I clung.

© Vector That Fox/Jo Breese. All rights reserved