The White Fox, for Popshot Magazine

The WHite Fox, for Popshot Magazine

A full page illustration and some spots for Popshot Magazine, to accompany a short story, by writer L P Lee.

Below is the section that particularly inspired the drawing. 

"I slow down my pace, and notice tiny white flowers nestled in the foliage. I stoop down, pick off a bud, and raise it to my face. The perfume of jasmine drifts up.Ahead of me they stretch, these small, silky blooms, stretching down south, south to Jeju island.The sight of the flowers recalls the memory of the white fox, threading its way through the trees, fur glowing in the moonlight.Down I go, on the scented trail, a snow-white map of jasmine. But first I pause to collect five stones, and balance them, one on top of the other, until they stand together in harmony. I never thanked her, or asked her name."

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